A few opportunities in life offer a meaningful amount of time to reflect and explore. With this in mind, the Institute of Integrative Engineering & Materials provided ample opportunities to students to think creatively to solve problems with empathy, communication strategy, data visualization, statistical interpretation of actionable data, understanding geographic units/communities. Our goal is to create the best environment for innovations in advanced materials for applications in technology, aerospace, engineering, and more. Using their natural gifts and learned skills, our students continue to excel.


IIEM service-learning brings the learning to life through community engagement opportunities that serve the public good by providing a needed service to individuals, organizations, schools, or other entities in the community. These programs cut across departments and foster collaboration between faculty, students, and the community. Limitless opportunities to explore possibilities in multidisciplinary integrative competence academic experience for innovators. Across 19 disciplinary areas focused on creativity for students to combine disciplines or delve into a specialized study. They can research to horn their innovations, write, act, model, compete, create, innovate, calculate, or champion a social cause—because, at IIEM, we believe that growth comes from exploration.